SNAP Persons

SNAP:DRGN uses the LAWD ontology to define persons and other person-like entities in our contributing datasets. A LAWD Person is a CIDOC-CRM E21_Person.

LAWD defines a top-level class “Agent” (lawd:Agent), and four sub-classes:

  • lawd:Person
  • lawd:Deity
  • lawd:MythologicalCreature
  • lawd:Group

When contributing your prosopographical dataset in the SNAP RDF format, you should use whichever of these classes best define the people in your database. Most of these will presumably be people; you may also have groups, families and corporate bodies distinguished, or you may have deities so defined. If you are unable reliably to distinguish between these types in your data, or if you have types that do not fit under any of these four headings, you should use the super-class lawd:Agent encode such persons.

(Or get in touch with me and suggest new terms for the LAWD ontology, if you think they are universal enough to be of general use to the community.)

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