Advisory Board

The SNAP:DRGN Advisory Board Terms of Reference

The Advisory Board’s remit is to validate the quality of the data integration and the academic integrity of the results.

The Board will meet via teleconference three times during the lifetime of the project, during which they will receive a progress report from the Principal Investigator.

The Board is asked to, both during meetings and through the project

  • Advise on whether the project is meeting its aims
  • Suggest data sets which SNAP should include in its outreach
  • Comment on how the SNAP work can benefit other research
  • Represent the SNAP project in other fora

SNAP Pilot Project (2014)

The Advisory Board was chaired by Dr Øyvind Eide, lecturer in Digital Humanities at the University of Passau.


  • Øyvind Eide (chair) (Passau)
  • Fabian Koerner (Personendaten-Repositorium, Berlin)
  • Robert Parker (LGPN, Oxford)
  • Laurie Pearce (Berkeley Prosopographical Services)
  • Sonia Ranade (National Archives)
  • Charlotte Roueché (Prosopography of the Byzantine World)
  • Rainer Simon (Pelagios Project, Austrian Institute of Technology)


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