SNAP:DRGN will publish recommendations and examples, with a view to encouraging: (i) the publication of minimal, consistent prosopographical data in RDF and compatible with the Linked Ancient World Data graph; (ii) building a loose network ancient prosopographical projects that will collectively contribute to a graph of millions of person-records; (iii) stand-off assertions of co-references or other relationships between persons, names and other prosopographical entities; (iv) Open Annotation Collaboration (OAC)-style RDF annotations of named entities in texts to point them to authoritative person-record-clusters in the SNAP:DRGN graph.

Candidate release 1.0 (2014):

A development version  ofthe SNAP:DRGN Cookbook is always available (in a GoogleDoc) at: This document should be always considered work-in-progress, subject to revision and even radical change at any time.

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