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SNAP and NER for Latin inscriptions

Prosopographies have in the past often taken decades or even centuries to produce. Even for a period with relatively few sources such as antiquity, hundreds of thousands of texts had to be collected and read, personal names had to be copied on index cards, people had to be identified across sources, their relations then had to be examined and their lives had to reconstructed. Continue reading SNAP and NER for Latin inscriptions

Introducing Trismegistos People

Trismegistos People was born about five years ago, as a prosopographical and onomastic expansion to the Trismegistos platform. This collaborative venture coordinated by Ancient History in Leuven collects metadata about all texts from Egypt (800 BC- AD 800), whatever their language or genre (it’s also currently expanding outside Egypt, but that’s a different story). With Trismegistos People, our goal was to add information about the individuals and names present in these texts, and thus expand upon the Prosopographia Ptolemaica (PP), a Who’s Who of Ptolemaic Egypt (332 – 30 BC) developed over the course of more than fifty years in Leuven. Continue reading Introducing Trismegistos People