The┬áSNAP:DRGN Graph is an authority list of ancient people, in the form of an aggregated triplestore containing information about persons (or groups, gods, monsters, and other “person-like” entities from ancient sources) from the core project partners, from external┬ádata providers and newly created data and relationships between people and records. The triplestore will be made available to researchers via a Sparql-endpoint and a RESTful API. For the time being, the triplestore can be browsed via URL or searched from a Sparql text page. See this post on how to query the SNAP triplestore.

Contributing datasets:

Other planned partners

  • Ceramic painters and potters (from
  • Digital Marmor Parium
  • Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg
  • Hellenistic Babylonia (Texts, Images, Names)
  • Numismatic issuers and authorities (from
  • Perseus Catalog
  • Prosopography of the Byzantine World (PBW)
  • Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire (PBE)
  • Roman Inscriptions of Britain (RIB)
  • Romans 1 by 1
  • Smith Dictionary (from Perseus)
  • Syriac Prosopography/Catalog of Saints
  • Zenon author list (DAI library catalog)

2 thoughts on “Data”

  1. Looking forward to the database! Over the next 1-2 years, we have a goal to develop an entity tagger for our corpus, and it would be great to incorporate links or references to SNAP:DRGN records in that process.

  2. I’m an archaeologist, actually I’m studyind ancient cities in Roman provinces, particularly in Sicily.

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