SNAP at DH2014

In a change from our usual programming we will be bringing you a blog post directly from the Ontologies for Prosopography workshop at Digital Humanities 2014.

The workshop hopes to bring prosopographers and prosopographical datsets together (preferably through LOD).

Datasets in the following areas were represented at the workshop:

  • Greek/Byzantine Manuscripts in Sweden
  • Apprenticeships in Early Modern Venice
  • Late Antique Immigration from Rome
  • Roman worlds
  • Imperial cult priests in North Africa and Syria
  • European University history from the middleages to the present
  • C17/18 Tibetan monestries in China and Tibet
  • Fictional People
  • Cuneiform tablets, from Hellenistic Babylonia
  • Contemporary legal texts
  • Estonian folklore
  • Mayan hiroglyphics
  • C20 Canadian litarary publications and magazine
  • History of Beer and Brewing
  • Avent-guard periodicals
  • Archival descriptions of records
  • German National Biography
  • C19/20 Church records looking at migration
  • Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
  • Canadian Gay Liberation 1960 – 1980
  • Encyclopedia Virginia
  • French Literature (including historical, mythic and fictional persons)
  • Early (Pre-1900s) Caribbean
  • Correspondence networks
  • C19 Mexican authors

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